Monday, 8 July 2013

Feeling Blessed!

"Crab Apple Branch"
- 1st Study -

I am feeling incredibly blessed today!  

    I just gave our youngest an old sketchbook of mine - a big 14x20" hardcover that I thought I'd like but never ended up using - I've had it for years and since she was wanting to have some BIG paper to make some BIG art, I happily passed it on!  

    After receiving it, she created a list of supplies she would be needing to fulfill her new creative endeavours: an easel, a pencil and eraser, and some markers.  We gathered all the supplies and then she turned and said, "I'm headed outside to work in the yard, are you coming?"  I thought for a moment, then grabbed up my new travel-size watercolour pad, my paint box, selected some of my friendliest brushes, filled my water pot with some fresh water and followed her outside.

    We found a beautiful shaded spot near our creek under a huge weeping willow.  Soon the easel was set up and our daughter began her drawing... I looked around and discovered that the nearby crab apple was already developing fruit and the sun was shining through the leaves in the most amazing way so I positioned my lawn chair and set to work myself....

    Several times during the next two hours of drawing and painting en plein air with my daughter I paused and thanked God for the wonderful blessings He was blessing me with: eyesight to see the gorgeous colours around me, an ability to capture some of the beauty, and this wonderful time shared with my daughter as we explore our interests in art.  

    I looked up from the painting I was working on and watched my daughter as she worked away at her design.  She would sketch a few lines, then step back to look at her work... I couldn't help but smile when I noticed that she tilts her head just like I do when I'm considering something - I guess it's our way of giving ourselves a new perspective!

    I worked a bit more on my painting and then quietly said, "You know, God has blessed me through you today! I never would have thought of coming out here this afternoon but you asked me to join you and I'm having a lovely time sitting here with you and painting! Thank you!!"   

    A smile grew on her face and she stepped over to me, gave me a quick hug, then went back to work on her design.  A moment later she said, "I'm having fun too!"

 "Crab Apple Branch"
- 2nd Study -


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's Summer - Perfect Time To Sit Around A Campfire!!

There really is nothing like sitting around a campfire with friends...

    The sound of the popping and crackling wood.... The scent of woodsmoke wafting around and mingling with the cool evening air... the night gets darker but you don't even realize because you're too busy laughing and sharing stories with your friends as you roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire.

    The original idea for this illustration came while visiting with a friend who enjoys campfires as much as I do. When the idea of woodland animals sitting around a campfire was mentioned, I could see the whole scene very clearly and when I returned home I grabbed up my sketchbook to work up this design:

That was almost one year ago...

    Just over a month ago, I was looking over this sketch again and knew it deserved to be worked up in watercolour  so I set to it and I have finally completed it!! Phew!! It was challenging but WOW, did I learn a lot!!

    "Campfire in Acorn Woods"
(watercolour, approx 8x10")

Everyone roasting marshmallows over the open flame, some eating them right out outta the bag, some having trouble getting the sticky confection from the whittled stick into their mouths... but all enjoying the simple contentment that comes with sitting around a campfire with friends.

♥ Cath-